What are 12 Chakras, Their Meanings, How to Activate Them

“According to the three bodies doctrine, there are three perceptions of the human body: physical, subtle, and gross. The subtle body indicates that there are more layers to the human body than meets our eyes. These layers or sheaths are separated by the focal points in our bodies where the energy concentration is the highest, called Chakra, or “Wheels” in Sanskrit.

Sanatana Dharma, or Hinduism, primarily considers seven chakras in our physical bodies. However, there are about a hundred chakras in the subtle body, along the line of our spine, according to some ancient Hindu texts. Besides the seven chakras, the rest exists in our auras or awareness centers that exist beyond our bodies.

Though heavily influenced by the Sanatana, Western thought of spirituality believes in the human body’s dual nature, that is, mind and body. Mind indicates the state of awareness, and the body is the physical one. And throughout this plane, there are supposed to be 12 Chakras, unlocking which can lead to a superconscious state of being.”

The 12 Chakras: Meanings and Activation Techniques

Note that the 12 chakra system derives from esoteric beliefs of Sanatana Dharma, Buddhism, and Jainism. The arrangement and English name of these chakras are inaccurate and heavily influenced by the observer’s interpretations. So, if you’re wondering what those 12 Chakras are, what they mean, and where they are located in our bodies, this article is the way to find out.

1.    Earth Star Chakra

Color: Dark Gray and Purple

Sanskrit name: Vasundhara

Starting with the most crucial and “grounded” chakra in the human body, we can find the Earth Star Chakra a few feet below the sole of our feet into the Earth. This chakra binds your energy to that of the Earth while maintaining a pull of your body to the center of it.

To activate this chakra is to be grounded in the reality of the self and maintain a steady life with a sharp focus on finances, jobs, etc. One can practice breathing exercises while walking barefoot and focusing on the Earth Star Chakra to activate it. It’s best to practice it daily on grass or sand.

2.    Root Chakra

Color: Red

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

The root chakra is the base of all the seven chakras that our physical bodies contain, located at the end of our tailbone (spine). It’s where we feel connected to the Earth Star Chakra, drawing up energy from the earth and passing it along to the rest of the chakras in our bodies.

The root chakra is where all our survival instincts reside, where we feel the safety and security of life. To activate this chakra, sit in a palthi yoga position with your legs crossed over a grass field or anywhere in nature. When you’re positioned, feel the Earth Star Chakra’s energy flow to your Root chakra.

3.    Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana

The sacral chakra is where all your emotions power through. It’s located right under your belly, near the reproductive organ. Balancing this chakra means that you can maintain a consistent lifestyle, unbothered by the emotional turmoil you face. You also balance your sexual health and interpersonal relations with people.

It’s a common notion that good sexual health comes from spending time in nature and water. That’s because the sacral chakra is an elemental energy pool that draws energy through water elements. Spending time in an open pond or river activates this chakra.

4.    Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Solar Plexus chakra powers through the fire element and governs our body’s strength, determination, confidence, and resilience. It’s located at the core of our body, that is near the stomach, under the ribs. As we channel through this chakra, we can train our physical body to build up strength and accomplish any task.

To activate this chakra is to generate heat in this part of your body. One great way to do it is to do sit-ups and target the solar plexus to engage in heat-producing exercise or expose your chest to the sun rays. Hit the gym and engage in everyday physical exercises to boost confidence and determination toward your goals.

5.    Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Sanskrit name: Anahata

The key to life and a meeting point between the physical and the spiritual plane is the heart chakra. Located right in the center of our chest, it connects the lower and upper chakras in the essence of maintaining the jeeva (life). This chakra stands for happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, and love. Many spiritual practitioners also believe that it provides healing energy.

To activate this chakra is to power through the elements of this region. Practice gratitude meditation, and mindfulness, engage in acts of kindness, thank more often, and try focusing on more positive things than negative. The heart chakra is what syncs with your soulmate.

6.    Throat Chakra

Color: Light blue

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha

As is evident, this chakra is associated with voice and is located near the throat or voice box. Channeling through this chakra can enable you to voice your opinions better and perceive information and replies coherently. This chakra will produce a great sense of communication as a sign of self-expression.

To power through this chakra, make a habit of chanting positive mantras in the morning. The point is to bring the organ associated with this chakra into use so that it can channel energy for its activation. So other activities that you can engage in are singing, scream therapy, or public speaking.

7.    Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo

Sanskrit name: Ajna

The third eye chakra sits right between our eyebrows, right in line with our pineal gland. The chakra is associated with the awareness of the human mind, vision, intuitions, and hunches. The more active this chakra is in a person, the better they will be with their inner wisdom.

To tap into this chakra, you have to bring your awareness to a center and focus through meditation. Increase your vibrations to feel things around you through other sensory organs rather than your eyes. Being aware of your surroundings can help with mindfulness too.

8.    Crown Chakra

Color: Purple

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

The crown chakra is namely suggestive of its placement. It sits atop our heads, sort of like a crown. This chakra is our link between the physical plane and the higher state of awareness. It is the gateway to transcendence, where a body can experience higher energy other than its physical state.

There’s no magic spell to activate this chakra. Deep and prolonged meditation can help one enter the realm of higher awareness. Reading and feeding the mind more spiritual information can also help.

9.    Soul Star/Halo Chakra

Color: Fern green

Sanskrit name: Sutara

Situated a few inches above the crown chakra, the Soul Star chakra is the primary channel for the divine energy to flow through the rest of the chakra system below. This great light of the ethereal body is linked to the karmic cycle of life and dictates past and future lives.

To activate this chakra is to gain access to the Akashic library with details of your soul’s journey. If you want to channel the energy from this Halo Chakra and connect to the higher power, you can achieve so through regular meditation with your purpose in mind.

10.  Universal Chakra

Color: Pearl white

Sanskrit name: –

Located right above our Halo Chakra and spirit chakra, the Universal chakra lets us peek into the singularity. In the spiritual interpretation, the chakra is associated with the universal state of being, where a person’s identity is no longer a factor for existence.

Activating this chakra means allowing your energy to align with the universal energy. Upon transcendence, you feel the universe’s light to be the only guiding light. The masculine and feminine energy that is archaically represented by the presence and absence of heat converges in this one.

11.  Galactic Chakra

Color: Mix of gold, violet, and silver.

Sanskrit name: –

The galactic chakra is the ultimate path to breaking the limits of the physical body and bringing into existence the characteristics of the gross body. This chakra is associated with galactic awareness and all the wisdom contained within.

One can enable oneself to traverse through the various planes of the universe, travel through time and space, and gain super abilities like teleportation.

12. Divine Gateway Chakra

Color: A golden shimmer

Sanskrit name: –

The divine gateway chakra is the ultimate gateway to the divine, where singularity can be achieved. This chakra is at the end and the top of the line of the 12 Chakra system of western spiritual thought.

The more you engross yourself in the energy of this chakra, the more in sync you become with the divine. This is the complete state of ascension, and one can entirely leave one’s physical body and return to it at will after having mastered this chakra.


Manifestation practices and meditations release more positive vibrations from your body. However, if you are not aware of your chakras and their roles, you could be going the wrong way. Refer to these chakras to align your frequencies and achieve your desired goals.

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