Six Best Yoga Mat Racks to Buy

Hello yogis! Hope all is well with you! Well, we come up with an important question for you all. Where do you place your yoga mat when it is not in use? Do you toss it up in the closets? Or does it share the floor with your rugs?

Throwing your yoga mat here and there not only clutters the space but also exposes it to dirt, pets, water, and other elements. As a result, your super nice yoga mat starts losing its shine, quality, and life, prompting you to spend $50-$100 to buy a new one.

That’s why you should store your yoga mat properly. And nothing can meet this purpose well than a wall mount yoga mat rack.

These racks accommodate your yoga mats. As they are wall mounted, they keep the mats off the floor, thereby protecting them from dirt, water, foot traffic, and pets.

The rule is simple here: if you use a yoga mat, make sure to have a yoga mat rack for it.

In this article, we will learn about some best yoga mat racks as well as how to choose the one according to your preferences.

Let’s get started.

J JACKCUBE DESIGN Wall Mount Rustic Wood and Metal Towel Rack

This wall mount is made from rustic wood with some nice metal frames. It offers 6-tier storage for yoga mats and yoga towels as well. Ideal for small spaces like apartments, condos, and dorms, it is easy to install as it comes with hardware accessories. Moreover, it is easy to clean as it just needs a simple wiping to remove the moisture and dirt.

And guess what? You can use this rack to display your favorite collection of wine or other liquor bottles.

Meykwod Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount

This wall mount comes with 3 hooks for a yoga strap and resistance bands, and 5 sections to place your yoga mat. It means that this product can store all your yoga accessories. It is also easy to install as it comes with all the required hardware for installation.

Suchek Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount

If you don’t have a couple of yoga mats and you are looking for an affordable option, this yoga mat holder by Suchek can fit the bill. Talking about its specifications, it has three tiers for your yoga mats as well as 3 hooks for hanging the resistance bands, home gym décor, and yoga straps.

It is made of aluminum, keeping it sturdy and durable to bear the weight of your yoga accessories. Mounting accessories are also provided for easy installation.

Wallniture Guru Wall Mount 

Another affordable yoga mat rack on the list! This is a sturdy, adorable yoga mat rack offering you a space for 3 yoga mats. Plus, it has 3 hooks for hanging your yoga straps and resistance bands. The sturdy frame is ideal for storing your thin and thick yoga mats. Moreover, the installation is easy as it comes with all the required mounting hardware.

ART-GIFTREE Yoga Mat Holder

This one is my personal favorite. Equipped with 2 tiers of storage for your yoga mats and foam rollers, this rack is ideal for your home gym, workout room, or yoga studio.

You will fall in love with the way the wood is planed, sanded, and treated for a sophisticated smooth look. The highlight is lotus and “BREATHE” stamped on it.

The lovely design makes this a chic addition to your yoga room and promotes a sense of calmness. It comes with instructions and all the hardware required for an easy installation.

The holes are pre-drilled for your convenience. It can be easily assembled and mounted on the wall.

UMINEUX Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount

This yoga mat is an ideal addition to your yoga spaces. It comes with three tiers to keep your yoga mats or foam rollers in place. Plus point? It comes with hooks so that you can hang your straps, yoga bags, and towels on them.

This yoga mat rack is made of carbon steel while the paint is treated with a special process so that it won’t peel off easily.

This yoga mat rack is easy to install as it comes with all the required mounting accessories and a user manual which can be installed in minutes.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, this has a minimalist appearance and can go well with most of the furniture in your yoga space.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat Racks (If You Want to Look Beyond the Aforesaid Options)

All of the previously listed yoga mat racks are personally used by me or my friends. Besides, I have also gone through the reviews and their specifications online. However, not all readers out there might be satisfied with this list of best yoga mats and want to explore the other brands. That’s great!

If you are one of those readers, keep these tips in mind to choose the right yoga mat rack.

How Many Mats Do You Have?

If you own only 1 or 2 yoga mats, a simple rack will do the trick.

Do You Have Other Yoga Accessories?

Some yogis have other yoga accessories such as resistance bands, straps, and yoga towels. To keep all these accessories in one place, prefer a yoga mat rack that is equipped with some hooks to hang them. Some yoga mat racks also come with baskets.

What Style Do You Prefer?

If you want your yoga mat rack to match the overall ambiance of your yoga space, you can invest in one that has complementary color and vibes.

What Can You Afford?

The prices of a yoga mat rack vary based on style, features, options, and brands. However, a simple yoga mat rack worth 29 USD can fit the bill if you have nothing but a single yoga mat as a yoga accessory. Some good-quality yoga mat racks will cost you 35-45 USD if you are looking for more storage options as well as durability.


Hope you would have the best options in the yoga mat rack by the time you reach this point of the blog. A yoga mat rack keeps your yoga accessories organized and in place as well as protects them. Like I said, if you have a yoga mat, make sure to buy a yoga mat rack.

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