7 Best Yoga Gift Ideas Your Fellow Yogis Will Appreciate

“Is someone from your yoga class having their birthday round the corner? Has your yogi friend just announced their wedding? Or do you want to thank yourfellow yogi?

Giving them a nice gift is perhaps the best thing you can do at this moment.

But here comes a million-dollar question– what to gift them?

To help you, I have rounded up some best yoga gift ideas that are not only amazing but also functional to help the recipients with their yoga practice. Let’s get it started.” 

Non-Slip Yoga Socks

A pair of nice yoga socks can fit the bill if you are looking for an affordable yet functional gift idea. Although yoga is mostly practiced barefooted, socks can help your fellow yogi feel more balanced and grounded.

Socks can also be a great help if they feel wobbly and unstable in some yoga postures.

Make sure to choose some stylish and breathable yoga socks offering great grip and comfort for safer and hygienic yoga practice.

What are the Best Yoga Socks Available?

Water Bottle

Another welcoming and practical yoga gift idea without making a hole in your wallet!

Yoga bottles have become an important companion of yogis as they keep them hydrated during the yoga session and afterward.

After all, your gift should be adorable and impressive. Shouldn’t it be?

The market is stacked with many attractive water bottles, including stainless steel, BPA-free (bisphenol A can be known to be problematic) aluminum water bottles, and glass bottles. Stainless steel is ideal for a traveling yogi and durable enough to resist any wear and tear. Plus, they are light and last long.

Here are some of the best yoga water bottles you can gift:

Yoga Mats

This list of best yoga gifts is incomplete without the mention of a yoga mat.

Whether your yogi friend or beloved one does yoga at home or in yoga classes, a yoga mat is an important accessory for comfort, grip, and stability.

This is just the one reason to gift them a nice yoga mat. Maybe they have been using the same old yoga mat for years. Maybe they don’t have a dedicated one for hard surfaces like marble or wooden.

Let’s check out what mat you can put in the gift wrap for them:

Yoga Mat Bag

What if they already have a yoga mat?

Let’s gift them an attractive yoga mat. Carrying a yoga mat to a yoga class is not convenient. In fact, it can cause hassles even if you place it in the backseat of your car.

Things get more inconvenient when they have to commute with other accessories like yoga towels, water bottles, phones, keys, and wallets.

Top of that, a conventional gym bag doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all these things.

Enter a yoga mat bag. A yoga mat bag not only houses your mat but also comes with compartments or side pockets to carry other belongings. However, make sure to choose the right size that can accommodate the size of the mat used by your “potential recipient.” 

Here I have picked some great options for a yoga mat for you…

Yoga Wheel

If your fellow yogi is looking to improve flexibility and strengthen their core, help them with a yoga wheel. A yoga wheel has a hollow cylindrical shape and is nearly 12-inch in diameter.

Placed upright, it helps improve flexibility, adds more intensity to the practitioner’s balance, and supports challenging asana.

This way, a yoga wheel will help your favorite yogi master make the most of their practices.

And here are some of the best yoga wheels out there:

Non Slip Yoga Towel

Does your friend use an ordinary towel during their practice? Why not gift them a dedicated non-slip yoga towel?

They can absorb sweat as well as help you avoid slipping or falling over when getting into certain yoga postures. And your friend will thank you a lot when they bring your gifted yoga towel to hot yoga or Bikram yoga classes.

Let’s check out the best options for Non-Slip Yoga Towel:

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can also make a great gift for your yogi friend. While any yoga pants can work, you can pick a colorful, spunky one if your fellow yogi hasn’t worn other than black pants.

From leggings to looser trousers and capris to high waist, there are plenty of options in yoga pants to choose from. However, it is really important to choose good quality yoga pants as they play an important role in the comfort and hygiene of the practitioner. 

And some of the good yoga pants are

For Men

For Women

The Bottom Line

Hope that you will consider the abovementioned products when it comes to gifting your yogi friend.

If you somehow feel that these yoga gift options are a bit expensive, you can look for alternatives or other things that are not listed here. So wait no more and get the one wrapped for your yogi friend.

And it would be beyond description to see that big smile when they unwrap the box.  

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