What Are the Benefits of Pincha Mayurasana?

Yoga is one of the top ways to relax and relieve stress. It is an excellent method to stay healthy. There are various types of yoga, and each one has its individual advantages. Pincha Mayurasana, also known as the peacock pose, is one of the most prominent yoga poses. It is a very challenging pose, but it has many benefits.

If you haven’t tried it so far, you need to know that it requires a lot of practice, and there are some things you need to consider before and while doing the pose. This piece will uncover all these aspects. So, let’s begin and see what Picha Mayurasana has in store for us.

What Are the Benefits of Pincha Mayurasana?

The Pincha Mayurasana is a yoga pose where your body is totally inverted and balanced on your fore arms and elbows. Almost every part of your body is stretched, and in a different position, it opens your body. Check out these benefits!

  1. Stress relief: Being in an inverted pose, the blood flow to your brain increases, which directly impacts your stress level. If you frequently experience headaches, Pincha Mayurasana is ideal for getting relief.
  2. Strengthens shoulder, wrists, and forearms: As you need to support your entire body weight on your arms while doing the Pincha Mayurasana, it gradually strengthens these muscles.
  3. Opens up the chest: The position of your body in the peacock pose opens up your chest and helps in better breathing. Doing this yoga pose regularly can help those having respiratory problems like asthma.
  4. Back pain relief: This is the best benefit of Pincha Mayurasana as it gives a good stretch to your spine. It also decompresses the vertebrae, which provides relief from back pain.
  5. Tones abs and core: As you need to engage your abdominal muscles to stay in the pose, it tones them and strengthens your core.
  6. Improves balance: The Pincha Mayurasana is a great pose to improve your balance, as you need to be precise while doing it.
  7. Stimulates the nervous system: The inversion of the body in this yoga pose has a calming effect on the nervous system. It also assists in alleviating anxiety.
  8. Boosts energy: As this pose directly impacts your brain, it helps in increasing energy levels and improves concentration.

So, these are several upsides that you can get from Pincha Mayurasana.

How To Do the Pincha Mayurasana Pose?

The benefits of the Pincha Mayurasana pose must have encouraged you to try it. Here are the steps:

  1. Begin in the tabletop position where your hands and knees are on the floor facing the wall. Keep your fingertips close to the wall. (This is to maintain balance when in the vertical position).
  2. Bring your elbows on the floor. Lay your forearms and palms flat. Ensure that your upper arms are at 90 degrees to your forearms. You should be looking forward and down.
  3. It is time to curl your toes under. You need to lift your hips to obtain the Downward Facing Dog position.
  4. Gradually take your feet toward your elbows. It would be a bit tough, but it is necessary to do the pose well. You will notice that your hips and your shoulders will be aligned vertically.
  5. Next, slowly lift your dominant leg to the Down-Dog Split position.
  6. Exhale deeply and slowly bend the knee of the leg placed on the floor. Pick the lifted leg with the stretched foot while your other leg goes up. Make an effort to land both heels on the wall gradually. Ensure that your head stays up off the floor in this pose. Keep your eye gaze on the floor between both your hands.
  7. Engaging your core and “hug” your ribs.
  8. If you get both legs up and inverted completely, you can continue working on your core. Do it until you can remove your feet from the wall. Along with this, balance independently. Remain in the pose for around one to five minutes, breathing deeply.

Once you do this successfully, go for the resting pose.

What Are the Various Common Mistakes in Pincha Mayurasana?

While practicing Pincha Mayurasana, avoid the following mistakes.

Don’t Sink the Shoulders

This must be avoided when coming back (down) from the pose. Ensure that the shoulder blades are lifted.

The Banana Shape

When in the inverted position, your core and back compensate greatly as your shoulder cannot flex much. Hence, your body attains a banana shape. Make sure that you warm up well before this. Going for boat pose crunches is the best.

Splayed Elbows

While doing this pose, make sure to keep your elbows from getting splayed. Keep them aligned with the shoulders. If you are facing any issues, use a block.

Are There any Preparatory Poses?

Yes. If you want to master the Pincha Mayurasana, here are several preparatory poses that you can try:

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

Downward Facing Dog

3. Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)

Hand Stand

4. Dolphin Pose with Raised Leg

Dolphin Pose with Raised Leg

What Precautions Do You Need To Take?

Remember these things before proceeding with the Pincha Mayurasana.

  • If you have any neck injury, avoid this pose. Also, if you have low blood pressure or have a headache, don’t try this pose.
  • When feeling dizzy, rest for some time after coming out of the pose.
  • Pregnant women should not try this pose. It can be risky for the child and the mother.
  • Beginners should start by practicing under expert guidance and eventually move on to trying it on their own.


Pincha Mayurasana, or the Forearm Balance Pose, is an excellent inversion pose. It demands an extensive level of strength and balance. Hence, it must be done under expert guidance only. With practice, you will eventually know it well.

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