How to Choose the Best Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are one of the best and most accessible yoga props available on the market today, and it’s incredibly easy to see why. The benefits that come from using the yoga wheels are more than just physical – they can change the way you think about yourself and your practice, it provides new insights about your body, the world around you, and more.

Still, choosing the right yoga wheel isn’t always as easy as it seems – there are many different types of yoga wheels out there, each with its own benefits. So, how do you choose one?

Don’t worry! We come up with this brief guide that includes all the important factors so that you can choose the right yoga wheel. But first of all, let’s learn the uses of a yoga wheel.

What are Yoga Wheels Used for?

A yoga wheel is a simple but highly effective piece of exercise equipment that aids in stretching, strengthening, and aligning your body. They can be used in a variety of exercises including cat/cow and downward dog. A great way to incorporate a yoga wheel into your practice is with sun salutations. However you utilize it, you’ll notice the all over benefits like an increased flexibility, better posture, deeper breathing as well as increased core strength.

Is a Yoga Wheel Worth It?

If you’re not sure if you need a yoga wheel, ask yourself how much time you spend in practicing or working out. If it’s more than a few days a week, you’re likely going to benefit from one of these.

While most people are able to build up their core strength and flexibility with enough practice, it often takes less time than that for us all-too-busy folks.

A yoga wheel can help push your practice forward by helping your body stretch into those hard-to-reach areas (like shoulders and hips) while giving your body an extra bit of support in poses that might otherwise be too tough.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Yoga Wheels

When choosing a yoga wheel, keep in mind that not all wheels are created equal.

Here are the things that you should consider while buying the right yoga wheel.

Can It Hold Your Weight?

It is important to choose the wheel that won’t be crumbled under the weight of your body. That’s why it is important to invest in the ones that can hold at least 100 kilos.

Does It Have a Good Tread?

A tread on a yoga wheel ensures that the wheel won’t slip when you move it during your yoga session. Moreover, it determines how comfortable your body will feel when pressing against the wheel. Prefer the tread made from foam or cork with a 4 mm thickness.

What About the Width?

Some yogis look for a wide wheel that ensures stability while the others go for a narrower one to get a more focused massage experience.

What Is Your Taste?

While it is not associated with the performance and safety of the yoga wheel in any manner, we still want our yoga gear to look stylish. There are many colorful and vibrant yoga wheels to choose from. 

Plastic? Wood? or Cork?

Plastic is durable as well as shock-resistant and can hold your weight. Despite that, many yogis might ditch it for an eco-friendly option. Cork is also plastic but it is more durable and ensures better grip and flexibility than the traditional plastic.

Wooden yoga wheels are costly but they are not as flexible or durable as their plastic counterparts. However, they are an eco-friendly option for sure. 

What Yoga Wheel Brands Do I Recommend and Why?

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel 12-Inch

Whether its comfort or durability, this wonderful wheel from UpCircleSeven ticks all the boxes. It feels comfortable and is ideal for up to 550 pounds. Plus, it can be used by the chronic back pain patient.

According to the manufacturer, it is the only yoga wheel that comes with comfort-focused foam padding, thereby ensuring more comfort to your back and spine. But the only downside is its inflexible frame that might be rigid for some yogis.

Shinyever 5-in-1 Yoga Wheel Set

These amazing yoga wheels are available in tons of colors. The best part?

The wheel comes with yoga gears such as a strap, blocks, and stretch ring, hence the name “5-in-1 yoga wheel set.

The non-slip surface of the wheel means that you can easily glide on it even if you are sweaty. Besides, the yoga wheel comes with an eco-friendly hybrid TPE foam to cushion your palms, feet, and back, delivering an outstanding sense of comfort. Made of EVA foam, these yoga wheels are supportive and lightweight as well.

Gaiam Yoga Wheel

The rubbery smell can be a turn-off for some yogis as it is made of organic materials. But that doesn’t belittle its plus points such as its non-slip surface, outstanding grip, and amazing cushioning.

You can use this yoga wheel both indoors and outdoors.

REEHUT Premium

Made of TPE foam, this yoga wheel is an extreme sweat resistance product and offers a great stretching for your swine. Whether you are looking to do headstands or flex your shoulder and hips, this is a great yoga wheel that you should try.

However, the padding is not that thick for a practitioner weighing more than 200 pounds. 

Risefit Dharma

Risefit Dharma can hold up to 1000 pounds! It is made of TPE foam and enhances flexibility while also releasing stress. The thick padding lets you stretch as smoothly as possible. Any beginner cannot go wrong with this wheel when it comes to performing the yoga poses correctly.


Choosing the best yoga wheel is all about considering the factors such as the capability of bearing weight, width, grip, and cushion. One that works for your fellow yogi might not be suitable for you.

Beginners should take time when using your wheel to learn what positions feel right and which ones hurt or cause discomfort.

Always check with a doctor before starting any type of exercise program, including yoga, and take special care when using any props such as a yoga wheel. This is particularly important if you have preexisting medical conditions or injuries. Experts would recommend to consult your physician before using a yoga wheel.

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