Crown Chakra Stones: Balancing the 7th Chakra with the Right Chakra Stones

The crown chakra, also known as the Sahasrara chakra, is the seventh chakra. It sits on the top of the head. It is linked to the violet color and is in charge of enlightenment, intuition, and spiritual connection. Having your crown chakra imbalanced can manifest as feelings of disconnection, depression, and spiritual crisis. It is important to keep your crown chakra balanced in order to live a healthy, fulfilled life. In this article, we will explore the basics of the crown chakra and suggest some stones that can help to balance it. We will also provide a guide on how to properly use these stones.

Crown Chakra Stones and Their Function

Crown chakra stones are crystals that can be used to balance the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit. This chakra is considered the bridge to the cosmos as it’s the last and the most spiritual chakra of all the seven chakras. The crown chakra is responsible for establishing your link to the divine by enabling you to access the highest state of intelligence, consciousness, and comprehension.

You can understand the crown chakra as a refined version of the third eye chakra. It’s about seeing things from a higher perspective, connecting with your intuition, and trusting your inner guidance. The crown chakra is also linked to creativity, inspiration, and spirituality.

You will feel spiritually connected and at ease with the outside world if the seventh chakra is in balance. Moreover, you will have a deep understanding of your place in the universe and feel open to new possibilities. If it is imbalanced, you may feel disconnected from your spirituality, have difficulty trusting your intuition, or be overly attached to material possessions.

Unbalanced crown chakra symptoms include:

  • You are experiencing a spiritual separation.
  • You have difficulty trusting your intuition.
  • You are overly attached to material possessions.
  • You feel anxious or depressed.
  • You experience chronic fatigue.

It’s crucial to mend an imbalance crown chakra as it can lead to further issues such as anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. Luckily, there are many ways to heal and balance the crown chakra, and one of them is using the crown chakra stones.

Finest Healing Crystals to Balance the Sahasrara Chakra

The Sahasrara chakra resonated with violet and white colors, and the stones to cleanse it are also of the same colors. The following are the most potent crown chakra stones:


Finding your right path can be aided by howlite, a white stone with grey veins. It’s the stone of patience and perspective and provides deeper wisdom and enlightenment. It’s a fantastic stone that connects the heart chakra and the crown chakra. Howlite instills calmness and stillness of mind, easing stress, anxiety, and tension. This is the right stone for those who feel like they’ve lost their path in this life.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, primarily called the “master healer”, can be used at various levels. It’s an amplifier of energy and intention and can be used to cleanse, open, and activate the chakras. Clear Quartz is also excellent for balancing and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. The stone opens the crown chakra and lets the white light enter, connecting you with your higher self to receive guidance from your intuition.


Moonstone is one of the most gentle and nurturing stones. While stimulating your psychic abilities, moonstone gently helps your spiritual growth without overwhelming you. The stone opens and balances the crown chakra, so you can feel more connected to the divine feminine energy. It is believed that sleeping with a moonstone under your pillow can aid in astral travel or lucid dreaming.


Amethyst is a violet, purple stone that has been used for centuries to open the crown chakra. It is known as the “stone of spirituality and tranquility” and envelopes you with a powerful shield against negative energy. Amethyst calms and soothes the mind, promoting peace, harmony, and balance. A powerful bearer of positive vibes, Amethyst also stimulates the third eye chakra and helps you tap into your infinite wisdom.


Selenite is a delicate, milky stone that is frequently utilized in crystal therapy. It’s the purest of all stones and has the ability to cleanse and purify your energy. Selenite is also a powerful stone that can be used to open, balance, and align the chakras. The stone helps you step into the realm of angels and spirit guides and connect with your higher self. The greatest time to utilize this stone is when you’re meditating since it helps to calm you down and clears the way to higher consciousness.

Ways to Reap the Full Potential of Crown Chakra Stones

It’s time to learn how to use the stones now that you know which ones to use. You can incorporate these stones into your life in the following ways:

1. Wear them as jewelry.

You can wear the crown chakra stones as pendants, earrings, or rings. Amethyst, selenite, and moonstone make beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear every day.

2. Carry them with you.

This is the easiest way to keep your stones close to you and benefit from their energies. Just carry the crown chakra stones of your choice in your handbag or pocket.

3. Place them on your altar.

To meditate and communicate with your higher self, create a sacred area in your house. Place your crown chakra stones on your altar or around your meditation space.

4. Place them under your pillow.

Sleeping with crown chakra stones under your pillow can help you connect with your higher self and receive guidance in your dreams. It can also facilitate astral travel or lucid dreaming.

5. Use them in crystal healing.

The chakras can be balanced, and the aura can be cleansed with the help of crystal therapy. Place your crown chakra stones on your forehead or in the crown of your head during a crystal healing session.

6. Meditate with them.

Meditation is a great way to connect with your stones and open your crown chakra. Place the crown stone on your palm or your forehead while practicing meditation.


Crown chakra stones are effective instruments for chakra balancing and connecting with your higher self. Use them as jewelry, take them about with you during the day, or use them in your meditation routine. With a little practice, you’ll be able to open your crown chakra and connect with the divine wisdom of the universe.

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