What Herbs to Use for Spiritual Cleansing

Many a time in our lives, we resort to finding answers from the spiritual force inside and around us. And to find those answers, we must ensure that we feed that spiritual force.

One of the most crucial parts of living a positive life with high-energy vibrations is cleaning the spiritual aura around you. Your vibrations result from your surroundings, ultimately contributing to your overall manifestations. That’s why cleansing your mind and space is crucial from time to time.

When we say that cleansing the spiritual aura is essential, you must think about how to do that. The answer is nature. Nature has everything you need – from good to bad, from healing to breaking.

There is a plethora of herbs that you can use to ensure your spiritual well-being. Using these herbs ritually can not only provide a sense of complacency but also activate your vibrations multifold.

Nine Best Spiritual Cleansing Herbs You Need in Your Home Right Away

Chase away all those negative things that you’ve been feeling, set your family on the right path, and ensure your family’s mental and physical well-being with these herbs.

Yerba Santa

Native to Northern Mexico and Southwest America, this healing herb stands for spreading the aura of love. Literally translating to “Holy Herb” from Spanish, Yerba Santa is often used for healing, protection, cleansing, and courage. It is also believed to work wonders in helping you unlock your higher consciousness to connect with the spiritual plane.

This herb, while meditating, can help you unlock your crown chakra, giving you access to the higher power. In addition to its religious and spiritual significance, it is also used for medical purposes to treat respiratory conditions like colds, coughs, asthma, tuberculosis, and chronic bronchitis.


Believed to be the Tree of Life by the Norse, Celtics, and ancient Druids, Cedar is best used for cleansing the space it’s burnt in of all the negative energy and burning in positive influence. In addition to space, this herb also cleanses the minds and bodies, helps with clairvoyance, and shields from various illnesses.

Moreover, Cedar might just be the ultimate solution to declutter the negative aura. If you have a bad memory that lingers in your house, it is because you still haven’t gotten rid of the negative energy. To remedy that, you need to declutter the stock of things with bad memories. Burning the Cedar after decluttering ensures that the remaining aura from those things is cleansed.


In addition to being a savory culinary herb, Rosemary has been historically used for purification, attracting love, and bolstering memory capacity. Burning Rosemary also symbolizes new beginnings that are supposed to open new doors of opportunities for you. If you’re initiating a new project or a journey, burning Rosemary can cleanse any sort of negative influence dangling over the chances of your success.

This herb is considered to be magically potent in spiritually cleansing spaces and things, ward off evil, and prevent nightmares. Place a bunch of the herb under your pillows to induce positive thoughts and prevent bad dreams.


Dating back to its use by the ancient Egyptians and Romans, Sage was burned to cleanse a space for spiritual positivity and treat the various ailments like sore throat and memory problems. The process of burning this magical herb is called “smudging”. Smudging holds a thousand-year-old relevance to cleanse a space, object, or body & mind.

You can use the sage smudge stick while meditating, in aromatherapy, or ward off bad juju in your new place. The best way to use Sage is to burn it while still on the room’s threshold. Let the smoke carry into the room before you enter. Say positive things while you smudge the room to ensure its efficacy.


With ancient links to being used for cleansing temples and forests for spiritual purposes, Juniper is believed to bring down the veil between worlds and assist in clairvoyance. This herb is thought to be mystically active and has assisted the shamans in their pursuit of manifestations.

Moreover, this herb is also very popularly used to cleanse the new spaces and ward off the negative vibes. If you want to rid your house of any lingering bad juju, you can burn a juniper needle and move around your house in a clockwise direction. Make sure to pause and smudge the corners, especially the dark corners.


Found in the Boswellia trees, the frankincense resins can help you increase the positive energy of a place. The tradition of burning these savory aromatic resins has always been in practice. In fact, this practice was so much widespread during the time of Jesus Christ’s birth that some people burned the resins at the time of his birth.


Besides cleansing a space, burning these resins also help in clearing the mind of any negative thoughts. Moreover, it activates your vibrations while aligning your chakras if you meditate with this resin. The best way to achieve this is by smudging the frankincense resin dots on a burning charcoal slab while chanting the mantras with desired affirmations.


Historically evident, Sandalwood has been used in various parts of the world for its extraordinary aromatic properties. Tracing its earliest use dates back to the beginning of Hinduism where it was believed that using the herb could bring them closer to gods. Sandalwood is extremely helpful in warding off negative energy and spiritually cleansing the body and mind while assisting in mediation.

The uses of Sandalwood for spiritual cleansing can take various forms, from burning the sandalwood cones and incenses to smearing the paste of Sandalwood over the skin to induce a long-lasting fragrance. Sandalwood also comes with many medical benefits that the evolving science keeps revealing.


Considered to be essentially magical, Mugwort is the symbolic plant for the goddess of fertility and creativity, Artemis. Smudging Mugwort in your room can cleanse your room, induce creative thoughts, preserve your feminine essence, and ward off bad dreams. Mugwort, in contemporary times, is used mainly to induce adventurous dreams and get rid of nightmares.

The best way to use Mugwort to induce good dreams is to keep it under your pillow when you go to sleep. Another way is to burn it in the room that you live in. This will not only cleanse your room and your aura but also activates your Third Eye to induce enhanced intuition.


Mother nature has blessed us with various magically potent herbs and plants that guided the humanity in the path of spirituality from time immemorial. In modern times, with science taking its place, the essence of spirituality is widely sought. These herbs helped the people to cleanse their auras and spaces spiritually since ancient times. You can use them to ensure an extraordinary spiritual journey in your personal space.

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