How to Make DIY Yoga Mat Strap

“Whether you’re thinking of gifting a yoga mat accessory to someone or want to make one for yourself, yoga mat straps always seem like a good option. These are practical and stylish to carry and also easy to make. Moreover, they also help to prevent unrolling yoga mats from time to time.

These straps are a must for anyone who likes to practice yoga outside in gardens or studios. In this article, learn different ways to make your own yoga mat straps and be the star of the show.”

Things You’ll Need

The kinds of straps mentioned in the article will require the following:

  • High strength fabric
  • Steam iron
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric glue
  • Leather piece
  • Rope/yarn/macrame cord

Yoga mat strap using a sewing machine or needle

Most of the yoga mat straps available in the market are sewn. Sewing not only presents an excellent finish but is also considered long-lasting.

  • Cut out two pieces of fabric, preferably having high strength, about 6 x 30 inches.
  • Place the 6-inch fabrics together and sew them, making a single piece.
  • Using a steam iron, press the fabric.
  • Turn the edges of the fabric inwards and sew it again.
  • Fold the cloth in 1/2 of its length and iron it.
  • Unfold the unsewn part while ensuring that the edges are inside.
  • Iron again and sew the entire strip of fabric.
  • Now, for making loops that will hold the yoga mat take the ends of these straps and tie the ends around the longer strap. Make sure to do this in a box-styled pattern to ensure that this strap is adjustable.
  • Feel free to customize the length of this strap. Leave about 2 inches of strap fabric to sew it easily.
  • Sew in place and ensure that the loops move freely around the strap. This will let you fit your yoga mat later on.

Note: You can change the seam inches to your preference.

Yoga Mat Strap Using Fabric Glue

If you are unaware of sewing techniques, worry not, as there are multiple fabric glues available in the market. These help to keep your fabric loops and ends in place and are long-lasting and equally strong when maintained.

  • Take 6 x 30 inches of fabric pieces.
  • Place the two 6-inch fabrics together.
  • Now glue these pieces so that the resultant is a single piece of fabric only.
  • Use a steam iron to flatten these fabrics and fold the fabric to the other side.
  • Glue these pieces and unfold the free fabric while keeping the glued area towards the inside.
  • Take both ends of the strap and fold it. Glue the tips and pass the longer strap through the small loop. With this, your adjustable strap is ready.

Note: Ensure that the loops are wide enough to let the rest of the fabric pass through them easily.

Crochet Yoga Mat Strap

For this, internal-interlocking loops are made using yarn, macrame cord, or rope. These are high in strength and also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Cut three rope/cord/yarn pieces that are about 6 feet long. Now, measure two more ropes and cut them at 18 feet.
  • Now, take a wooden ring and put these ropes through it, making sure that the longer ropes are on the side and the shorter ones are at the center.
  • Fold these ropes around the loop and hot glue them together. Using another rope of a shorter length, wrap the rope around the freshly glued area to hide the joints.
  • Secure the start of the rope and the ring at a place where you can proceed with knotting easily.
  • To create a square knot pattern, start with the left side and create a number 4 pattern on the outer side. Ensure that this rope is above the rest of the ropes.
  • After this, from the right side, bring the longest rope over the left rope (folded) and pull it under and through the hole created using the “4” pattern. Tighten these knots.
  • For the second knot, create “P” and follow the rest of the steps as before.
  • Repeat throughout while alternating the sides and leave around a foot of rope free at the end.
  • Following this, pass the rope through the starting ring, forming a loose loop on one side and repeat on the other side as well.
  • Glue the free ends and secure the joints.

These loops are adjustable and can hold your yoga mat and towels in place.

Leather Yoga Mat Strap

These kinds of straps are the strongest in the segment and also require a couple of tools.

  • Gather your supplies and leather piece. These pieces can be from old cloth. Cut the leather (5 inches wide).
  • Feel free to choose a length of your preference. Cut a shorter piece if you want a shorter strap and vice versa.
  • Trim the edges to achieve a cleaner look.
  • You might need two pieces of leather if you want a longer strap. In this case, place one of the pieces on top of another and mark its position.
  • Skiving can be done using a knife or a tool if you feel like your attachment is bulky or chunky. Be careful while you do this.
  • Now take rivets, mark their position and secure both these straps together to make it one.
  • These rivets can be fixed by piercing a hole in the straps. Using a mallet and rivet settler to fix them in one position.
  • Once you have a single strap, create loops at the end of it and pull the right loop through the left.
  • Following this, pull these loops to their originating places to have two larger loops at the end, and your yoga mat strap will be ready.

Note: If you wish not to use rivets, sewing can be an alternative option.


A yoga mat strap is a must for any yogi who likes to exercise and practice it at gardens or studios. Besides, these straps can also be used to hang and store your yoga mats in one place easily. If you know someone who practices yoga, these DIY straps will definitely make their day. The best part about making your own yoga mat strap is that you can personalize it and send it as a gift.

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