Mastering the Art of Yoga Photography: Tips and Tricks

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise worldwide and has been used to improve health for centuries.  Nowadays, people are becoming more concerned about their physical and mental health, so yoga is becoming a more popular choice.  Also, in this era of massive social media usage, yoga photography is gaining enormous popularity.  As more and more people realize the significance of yoga photography, making it a trending category of photoshoots, it is vital to come up with something unique.

This blog aims to introduce tips for photographing yoga poses and sessions.  The motive of an ideal yoga photoshoot is to surprise the audience with unique and mesmerizing photography.  When photographing yoga poses, take into account the pose’s height, width, and distance from your subject. Try to use natural light when photographing these poses to create a more inviting and warm image.  When photographing a yoga session, ensure your subject faces the camera comfortably so you can capture all of their features in one picture. Try to keep the white balance consistent throughout the session so that your photos look their best.

Do Proper Research Prior to the Session

Before beginning your photo session, it is advisable first to research every crucial aspect. It includes:

  • Searching for the proper location
  • Watching tutorials on yoga photography on YouTube.
  • Consultation from professional photographers
  • Equipment you are going to use
  • The time you spend on research will ultimately result in the perfection of your yoga photography.

Role of Proper Background

The background of your photographs plays a crucial role in delivering the complete essence of your yoga session.

While shooting in forests, beaches, or any other nature’s scenic location, can efficiently radiate peace and serenity. Also, it can offer calmness to the mind of the viewer.

On the flip side, you can also choose an urban area to offer a resonating background for your photography. As a result, the photographs will appear more dynamic and hold the viewer’s attention for a longer duration of time.

Most of the mesmerizing photo sessions are witnessed at sunset time.

During this time, you can pose simple yoga postures and can get miraculous effects in photographs. The magic of the sun can beautify your pictures well.

Avoid using too much bright background as it could distract the attention of the viewer from the yogi.

Note: If the sun is right behind you, then it is advisable not to let your shadow appear in the picture.

Try Different Views

Take different views to emphasize on dynamics of yoga.

Try different positions with respect to your camera.

For instance, take overhead shots if your camera has a tilted screen.

Outfit of the Yogi Matters

The clothes of yogis play a significant role in yoga photography. Having variable outfits for different yoga positions can make photography more variable and exciting.

If you are shooting yoga sessions for a brand, the yogi needs to change clothes repeatedly.

For this, you need to schedule time for changing outfits in advance.

Use Multiple Yoga Postures in a Single Photo Session

A well-organized photo session has maximum chances of getting successful.

For this, ensure to use all categories of asana to create a full range of impressive scenes.

This will reflect the beauty of photographs and the capabilities of the power to the max.

Use Tripod

Tripods are essential to make the photos realistic and sharp.

Using a tripod, you won’t have to worry about blurry images caused by shaky hands.

Also, it will enable the photographer to pan through the location.


Though you can easily take photographs with your smartphone, you still need additional equipment to get outstanding results. These gadgets include:

  • Camera with better configurations
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • Lighting kit

Proper Perspective is Important

If you are able to choose the proper perspective, then the device you are using for the photography hardly matters.

Buying expensive gadgets is not necessary. Instead, you can optimize your skills to get satisfactory results.

It is often advisable to shoot from the lower perspective, as by doing so, your shoot can emphasize the subject and its background more.

Thus, it will enable you to focus more on style, poses, and possibilities to make it even better.

It will further give a majestic feel to your photography.

Also, pay attention to the background and the angle behind the subject.

Light Positions

Lighting is the priority while shooting the yoga session, which should be considered without any second thought.

You must necessarily pay attention to essential lighting factors such as…

  • Avoid reflection in photographs and shadow on the face.
  • It is advisable not to use the light behind as it can create shadow in the eye area.
  • Natural lighting is ideal, but it should not create any sort of reflection. For this, you can infuse the sunlight instead of using it directly.
  • Also, ensure that the yogi is not in the shadow.

The ideal time to take excellent shots is before sunrise or sunset, as nature is on the verge of beauty in this period.

Keep the Surroundings and Yoga Accessories Tidy

As everything visible in a frame impacts the beauty of the photograph, you also need to pay attention to the surroundings and accessories used.

For instance, most of the photo sessions will require the use of yoga mats. Ensure that the yoga mat is clean and has no spots that can leave your image embarrassing.

Instead, take a minute to wipe the yoga mat to ensure it is clean.

This will reflect your professionalism as a photographer.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, tips for photographing Yoga Poses and sessions include:

  • Let the yogi be comfortable with the pose.
  • Using gadgets that are easy to use.
  • Don’t rush the shot. Take your time.

With these tips, you can create beautiful photo albums that will capture the essence of your Yoga practice.

Time to impress your audience with fantastic yoga photography.

About the author

Arun Gupta