The Meaning of Lord Shiva’s Third Eye

Lord Shiva is deemed as Trinetra or Triyambaka which translates to the Three-Eyed God. He is depicted with the Third Eye on the center his forehead that sees everything. While this may be a spectacle for most, we humans are also blessed with it; but more on that later. It is believed that the world would be destroyed if and when Lord Shiva opens his third eye.

What Is the Story Behind Lord Shiva’s Third Eye?

Once, when Lord Shiva was fully immersed in his meditative energies, his consort, Goddess Parvati, in a playful mood, covered his eyes with her hands unaware of the wrath She (unknowingly) instigated. Suddenly, there was pitch darkness in the world and chaos followed. This even troubled the Gods of heaven. And that’s how the third eye emerged on His forehead. And as soon as the Third Eye was formed, it produced fire which overshadowed the darkness in the world. With the heat generated from Lord Shiva’s third eye, the Goddess’s hands began to perspire. The perspiration was no ordinary element, it was an amalgamation of Shiva and Parvati’s divine power that transformed into a child named Andhaka.

Andhaka was adopted by an asura (demon) devotee of Lord Shiva; oblivious of his pious origins. He made amends through penance. He was blessed with a boon that he cannot be defeated or killed by anyone except his father. Andhaka, undefeated, went on to conquer three worlds. The universe remained a victorious battle for him until his fate knocked on his doors. Amidst these victories, he saw a glimpse of Goddess Parvati and got mesmerized by her eternal beauty. In that very instant, he had planned to make her his consort. In the bid to marry her, he chased Her which led to a rescue call for Shiva. He emerged and destroyed Andhaka by impaling His trident through him. Andhaka, upon knowing the truth behind his origin, regretted his incestuous actions and apologized to Them before his defeat.

Lord Shiva is a member of the Hindu Holy Trinity. Brahma governs the creation, Vishnu protects, and Lord Shiva is deemed as the destroyer— His third eye being the agent. Inside the third eye of Lord Shiva are the powerful energies in the form of fire, and it burns down the entire world to ashes in a second. And the world here refers to the materialistic pleasures of the world. Shiva is the destroyer of all evil, selfish desires, lust, and ignorance. And every ending embarks upon a new beginning and therefore, the destruction of these thoughts and actions paves a way for a brighter life as there are no endings; only new forms of beginnings.

There is a story behind this ideology as well.

One day, when Lord Shiva was in deep meditation, Lord Kaama, the God of lust, emerged. His intention was to instil lustful feelings in Shiva. He, without any second thought, hit him with the popular flowered arrow known as Kaamastra. This provoked Lord Shiva and He opened his third eye and the fire destroyed Kaama while his two eyes remained closed for meditation.

So, does that mean that humans have third eyes too?

We do, but we are too ignorant to observe things beyond the surface level. Humans are blinded by the pleasures of the external world. We live for Maaya (greed) – we want to earn more money and acquire more land than required. The third eye is situated in The Intuitive Chakra or the Ajna Chakra which is associated with the subconscious mind, imagination, thoughts, personality, and abstract ideas. That being said, the Third Eye for humans does not refer to the Third Eye of Lord Shiva but it does correlate on a cosmic level. When your intuitive chakra is balanced, your “third eye” power is a calm state of mind, meditative strength, concentration abilities, and clarity of judgment.

Is There a Way to Open Your Third Eye?

There is a third eye within us all. It is said that you have to get rid of the blockages to attain the power of the third eye. These blockages are indications of unbalanced chakras. So, taking an effective step to open up all the chakras will enable you to reap the most benefits of your third eye. Some of the ways are:

  • Being introspective and spiritually sound
  • Paying attention to your dreams
  • Meditative breathwork and chants to open your third eye
  • Follow and boost your intuitive strength
  • Performing Kundalini Yoga
  • Following a nutrition-rich diet
  • Using chakra set candles and essential oils in your space

Perception of Life Through the Third Eye

The sensory eyes are contaminated by memories and judgments.  One is so influenced by it that it is hard not to see past it. You come across thousands of people and when your sensory eyes view them, it immediately draws a mental image that is far from reality. It is only through the third eye that your vision is untainted and unsullied by such influences. Intelligence may come from books but wisdom does not derive from credentials and qualifications. To know is to have a great insight into life—the universal vision.  This is how you gain perfect clarity within yourself. It is only then that your third eye opens.


Lord Shiva is mostly seen meditating, after all, he is the supreme Yogi. So, while both his eyes remain closed, the Third Eye governs the world. It emits light to brighten the world with positivity and fire to destroy the negativity. Shiva’s third eye can see things that are beyond visibility, things that are not in the most physical nature. While the sensory eyes grasp the physical aspects of the world, the inward, interior, and cosmic realities can be seen through His third eye. It is a symbolic representation of everything that your sensory eyes cannot see or grasp. Your nature and internal existence can be felt through the eye. In this day and age, the power of the third eye is your instincts and intuitions; this is where the power of the Lord Shiva resides within us all.

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