Root Chakra Stones

The root chakra is the first of the human body’s seven chakras and is located at the base of the spine. Giving you a sense of security and a solid foundation is the responsibility of this chakra. The stone is linked to sentiments of safety and security as well as survival instincts. You can experience insecurity or a lack of support if your root chakra is out of harmony. You can also struggle with self-defense or feeling rooted in your life.  This informative piece takes you through the fundamentals of the root chakra and the apt stones to open, heal, or balance it.

What are Root Chakra Stones?

Root chakra stones are used to open, cleanse, or balance the root chakra. Muladhara chakra, also referred to as the “base chakra stones,” is located at the base of the spine and just above the tailbone. It is associated with our survival instincts, feelings of safety and security, and a sense of grounding.

It’s called Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit, which means “root support.” You can understand the root chakra as the foundation of your being. It’s the chakra that connects you to the ground and instills a feeling of safety and protection.

You feel secure, shielded, and docked when the Muladhara chakra is in harmony. You possess the strength to advocate for yourself and your values and have faith in your capacity to meet your basic survival needs. However, if the root chakra is out of harmony, you may feel ungrounded and insecure. You have trouble with the sense of belonging and feel disconnected from the planet and your body.

Root chakra stones are usually red or black. Red is often associated with the root chakra because it is blood-colored. It is also the color of passion, energy, and power. If you feel disconnected or ungrounded, try using a root chakra stone to help balance your chakra.

Finest Healing Gemstone for Root Chakra Balance

The root chakra can be balanced by using a variety of stones. Several of the most well-liked root chakra stones are:

Red Jasper

Red jasper is known as the stone of perseverance and true to its name, is a very sustaining stone. It offers a gradual and constant energy flow and aids in grounding the body’s energies. The stone raises you from within by evoking your inner strength and confidence. Red Jasper is a superb stone for balancing the root chakra because of this.


The bloodstone is referred to as the “warrior stone” because the samurai and warriors used to carry this stone to the war. Having this stone makes you feel invincible and helps balance out your emotions, giving you a clear head. The ancient Greeks called it Heliotrope or the Sun Stone. This stone can calm your wandering feelings and steadies the heart and mind.


Garnet is a stone of courage of positive thinking. This rare crystal has incredible regenerative abilities and helps replenish your lost energy. The stone impacts the root and crown chakra, enabling the flow of energy and synchronizing the mind, body, and spirit. It helps boost your self-confidence and gives you the power to face your fears. This is the ideal stone for those who feel their courage has deserted them and needs a little help to bring it back.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a powerful gemstone that aids in reconnecting with your true self. It is the stone of protection, protects against negative energy, and grounds and stabilizes the body. The stone enables you to release your fears, anxieties, and resentments so that you can move forward in your life. The earthy spirit and raw energy balance your root chakra and give you a stronger sense of connection to the earth.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone of strength & courage. It helps you find the power and confidence to face your fears head-on. With the aura of a tiger, it envelopes you in courage, strength, and willpower. When you need to increase your self-esteem and confidence, this stone is a fantastic ally. The striking brown, black, and orange colors bring earthy stability and help ground the root chakra. Tiger’s eye helps you keep your head high while being grounded.

How to Use Root Chakra Stones

Now that you know some of the best stones for balancing the root chakra let’s explore how to use them and reap the incredible benefits.

Root Chakra Stones Worn as Jewelry

Wearing stones for the root chakra as jewelry is one of the simplest ways to use them. One stone or more stones can be used in jewelry. For example, you can wear a bracelet with red jasper and bloodstone or a necklace with black obsidian and tiger’s eye.

Keep Root Chakra Stones in Your Pocket

Carrying stones for the root chakra in your pocket is another simple and efficient method of using them. This way, you can have the stones close to your body and benefit from their energies throughout the day. You can carry a single stone or multiple stones in your pocket, depending on what you feel drawn to.

Meditate with Root Chakra Stones

A great technique to balance the root chakra is meditation. You feel more grounded and connected to the earth as a result. Just picture how powerful it would be if paired with the root chakra stone energies.  The stone(s) may potentially be positioned on your lower belly. Hold the stone and focus on your breathing while closing your eyes.

Make a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid can also be made with stones for the root chakra. It’s a  structure of stones arranged in a certain pattern. It amplifies the energies of these crystals and helps you achieve your goals. To create a root chakra grid, you’ll need eight stones – four red stones and four black stones. Place the red stones at the four corners of the grid and the black stones in the middle of each side. You can use any root chakra stones for this grid.


Getting in touch with the root chakra is essential for leading a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life. The root chakra stones mentioned in this piece are potent tools to help you achieve this. Use them in the ways mentioned above and see how they transform your life for the better. Happy transforming!

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