Shiva Lingam Stone Meaning

Lord Shiva, the Supreme Being, the destroyer of all evil, and the Guru of all Yogis, is the Auspicious One. He is a deity and a member of the Hindu Trinity. Believers and worshippers regard him as the Ultimate Almighty in terms of deaths and rebirths. Today, he is represented in the form of a Shiva Lingam (a phallic symbol) denoting the core of the Universe. These symbolic representations of Shiva are established and worshipped at Shiva temples. Now Shiva Lingams in the temples are so big in size that they sometimes go beyond 10 feet in height.

The Shiva Lingam stone comes in a small, oval size, hence, symbolizing a cosmic egg. This embodies the divine energies of a male and a female.

What is Shiva Lingam Stone Good for?

Shiva Lingam stones belong to the crypto-crystalline quartz family and are made of brown jasper. This stone is known to govern confidence, fertility, stabilization, and sexuality. It is believed that the ends of this stone emit positive, grounding energies that connect you to your higher conscience. This way, we have a better understanding of life. It gives you the clarity to see things beyond their reality. The ends of the Shiva Lingam stone energize our physical and emotional bodies.

While it represents, governs, and boosts your spiritual side, it also helps you with sexual wellness and relationships. This is because it acts like a totem to work on your sexuality and fertility. Therefore, it can be kept in your bedroom. This will eventually activate the sacral chakra. It is only when we truly identify our soul and cleanse it that we transmute the purest energies to our partners.

This does not limit itself to spirituality, positivity, and sexuality; it is all about the holistic experience. Therefore, carrying it each day with you without any intention will also do wonders for you. Your Kundalini energy is activated and balances all the chakras. Especially if your energy levels are low, you must get yourself a Shiva Lingam stone to energize and strengthen yourself. Often, during such situations, you feel detached from your loved ones. This is where your stone assists you.


  • Shiva Lingam stone provides protection and builds your energy and strength.
  • Your physical, mental, and emotional state of body and mind are balanced.
  • Your aura is governed and cleansed. Your energies attract positivity and clarity.
  • When carried with you, it protects and eliminates electromagnetic smog and radiation.
  • Often there are unresolved, uncalled issues within the family and the household can be resolved easily.
  • It fills you with determination and confidence that makes you think better, faster, and smarter. It helps you speak and act with clarity.
  • Shiva Lingam stone assists and aids you in living with chronic illnesses. Someone who is hospitalized can heal better and faster with this stone. Especially people suffering from reproductive, digestive, and blood circulation problems can make the most of this stone.
  • Since this stone’s element is Earth, it helps you ground yourself and connect with nature. There is sudden awareness about Mother Nature and the entire ecology. This way you gain the power to meditate better and help unveil the bad karmas in your life that bring you down. This way you live your life accordingly.

What are the Uses of Shiva Lingam Stone?

Most stones focus on specific chakras, whereas the Shiva Lingam stone works on all chakras equally. Your Kundalini energy is located in the root chakra, which is situated at the base of the spine. This energy runs upward when stimulated and opens all the chakras. This is how you connect yourself to the highest cosmic and spiritual energy.

  • When you place the stone in the center of the forehead, on the third eye, you reinforce the higher self and boost your intuitive and psychic powers. It is believed that the pineal gland is situated where the third eye is. What is the pineal gland? Your pineal gland is where all your thoughts begin. It is where your soul resides. When you place it on your forehead, you get grounding energies for your soul.
  • When we place it on the throat chakra, it boosts our etheric body and helps us connect better with it. Your aura is filled with positivity only when it is used for the throat chakra. You will suddenly feel at ease when communicating and expressing yourself.
  • When you use it on the heart chakra, your sense of compassion, love, and empathy will improve. The unity of life is comprehended with the use of the Shiva Lingam stone. This further helps us understand other people’s perspectives. Especially during times when you have disconnected with some important people or have suddenly gotten distant from them. For people who are dealing with emotional trauma, the Shiva Linga stone helps them get the closure they deserve and forgive them easily. It is difficult to overcome and move past the people who have done us wrong. With this stone, you will heal better.
  • The most important uses are when the Shiva Linga stone is used for the base, sacral, and umbilical chakras. When you set them on the low chakras, the most benefits of the stone are reaped. It will heal infertility and hormonal problems and, most importantly, help you on the journey of healing endocrinological ailments.
  • Another important use of this stone is when it is kept in your home. Your house will generate positive vibrations. It will bring prosperity and stability to the household. This will eventually reflect on each of your family member’s persona.


One such supreme stone is the Shiva Linga stone, which is derived from India’s Narmada River. It belongs to and benefits everyone, and that is the beauty of the unique aspect of this wonderful creation. This sacred stone is beneficial for all, and regardless of your intention, you will reap its goodness and blessings. Don’t forget to cleanse it during a full moon night with holy water. Make sure to treat the stone as a spiritual totem that brings you vitality and stability.

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