Yoga Mat Storage

“Yoga mats are an essential part of any yoga regime. Without its support, your body will remain sore. But that happens as long as your yoga mat remains of perfect quality. Any amount of damage could reflect on yoga practices. It not only acts as a sturdy base to perform yoga poses but also provides you comfort and support. This is why its storage, handling, and upkeep are crucial.”

Take a look at some creative ways to store it

Yoga Mat Basket

There are several DIY (Do it Yourself) videos on the Internet for cloth baskets. If you are environmentally friendly and don’t wish to splurge on retail plastic products, then creating a basket of your own is a great idea. Clothing baskets do not require a lid, and therefore, they can be a perfect yoga basket for you. You can place it near your door so that you can put your yoga mat in it as soon as you reach home. If DIY is not your thing, then you can buy woven baskets from the store to roll your yoga mats and store them.

The best part about having yoga mat baskets in your house is that you can store more than one yoga mat. These baskets have enough space to store multiple mats. Also, you have the option of many beautiful prints that can match and complement the vibe of your home decor. If there can be an umbrella/coat stand at the entry, there can very well be a chic yoga mat basket placed right next to it.

Hang the Bag

If you are aware of yoga mats, then you probably are aware of yoga mat bags. These bags are not just for you to carry around when commuting to your yoga class. You can easily find a corner in your room and hang the bag.

Yoga mat bags are lightweight and durable and, therefore, will not tear or get loose. Also, this seems like the most convenient option as you can easily grab and go as you like. For those who had no idea about yoga mat bags, get one- they are worth the purchase.

Get a Mat Rack

So you have a big family, and most of them do yoga. The right and the most convenient thing to do is get a wall-mounted yoga mat rack. A mat rack easily stores multiple yoga mats without them slipping off. It is a great space saver and addition to your room decor. If you happen to be an owner of a yoga studio, then a wall-mounted mat rack is the perfect accessory for your studio.

These yoga mat racks come with a variety of options and can be easily adjusted depending on the number of mats. Some yoga mat racks come with additional hooks and bars. This way, you can hang other items such as resistance bands, yoga belts, etc.

Display Rack

Display racks for yoga mats or similar towel holders. A display rack can easily hold 5-6 yoga mats. If you play your creative card right, then you can give away a beautiful, vibrant look to the space through display racks. The best part about display racks is that they are lightweight and sleek. And despite their design, they are built sturdy. They do not come with complicated assembling instructions. All you need to do is unbox and attach using regular screws and anchors that come with the box.


The standard protocol in every household, cabinets make a great way to store your yoga mats. However, some sections of a regular cabinet could damage the corners of your yoga mat. The best thing to do here is to get a cabinet that works according to your needs. This way, you protect a yoga mat from crushing, denting, and losing its flexibility. Otherwise, cabinets make great storage options for yoga mats as they also remain clean.

Get a Mat Hanger

Other than hanging your rolled yoga mat bag, you can straight up hang them without folding them. Mat hangers sound strange but are a great accessory for any yoga enthusiast. Mat hangers are designed in such a way that it stores yoga mats without them losing their shape. This accessory is also a great space saver.

A lot of times, yoga mats remain moist after yoga sessions. In this case, hanging a yoga mat without folding it is a great option. Your yoga mats can dry off easily while it is compactly stored. Mat hangers are more common than you know and can be easily purchased online or from a store.

All Things Yoga!

You can always build or buy a yoga storage cart for yourself. This way, all the essentials required for a yoga session can be stored in an organized way. You don’t have to scout the house for yoga essentials. You are ensured that they are stored away safely together.

This way, not only your yoga mat but all the other workout essentials remain in one place and are maintained well.

Now that your yoga mats are stored and tucked safe, what about the maintenance?

  • Always wash your feet and hands before using a yoga mat. This decreases the chances of infecting the mat.
  • Make sure to clean the yoga mat regularly. After every yoga session, use a disinfectant wipe to gently clean the mat. This eliminates the chances of bacteria build-up. Do not forget your mat is on the ground every day; it could collect germs.
  • If you are in a hurry sometimes, then a quick spritz of disinfectant solution could do the work.
  • If you tend to sweat profusely during some asana, then spread a yoga towel on your mat to protect your mat.

Yoga benefits those who do it correctly. More importantly, yoga benefits those who bring accuracy to the table. And yoga mats could be a mere platform to you but caring for and storing it right will ensure your comfort. This will eventually have a good impact on your performance. Take the help of the tips mentioned above to store yoga mats properly.





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