Yoga Sandals

“Yoga remains the best activity to strengthen the body. There are a multitude of benefits and each yoga asana is designed to stimulate and align. And as you perform each of them, you are also building your inner awareness. While you are at it, you are on your feet; each time. Although yoga is mostly performed on feet, it can get tiresome for some. Your feet carry and balance your weight throughout Yoga poses. It requires constant support while you perform. Without the support, your feet might lose their strength. It will result in severe issues related to posture, mobility, and flexibility.”

Yoga sandals change the way you perceive yoga. You no longer have to stay bare feet to do yoga. Every part of your body should be at ease during yoga. Then why not your feet? Yoga sandals are not your regular sandals, they are crafted to provide comfort. These are lightweight footwear that is built according to human body stature. Also, they are extremely flexible and light making them an ideal choice. Take a look at the reasons why yoga sandals are great for your yoga session.

  1. Perfect Shape
    As kids, the tiny toes are spread evenly and quite agile. As the years pass, our feet get accustomed to tight-fitted footwear. This takes a toll on our feet. As adults, we have a habit to cram our feet into tight, laced, narrow shoes or heels. This eventually affects agility and flexibility. It ultimately disturbs the body alignment. We also lose the natural balance that is extremely important for yoga.Think about it, bunions, hammer toes, osteoarthritis, and swollen feet are common conditions among adults. What you do not realize is that it results in poor circulation which can potentially lead to serious health conditions. With yoga sandals, you are not only performing yoga to your best potential but also improving the shape of your feet and bones. This way one regains foot mobility, agility, and alignment.
  1. Chic Design
    So, there’s comfort, there’s durability but along with those, there’s the unique design. Yoga sandals are handcrafted in a way that ensures foot agility. This does not come at the cost of design quality. Your foot will never slide off the sandal. Regardless of the activity, your yoga sandal will not break. Yoga sandals while being trendy, support the arch of your foot. This ensures stability as well.Their popular designs make it convenient for you to wear them for a quick run to grocery stores or a casual evening stroll. After all, yoga sandals are made to comfort your feet and retain their agility.
  1. Relieves Stress
    Being on your feet all day is tiresome- regardless of whether or not you do yoga. Wearing yoga sandals helps you relieve stress on the foot. Physical activities and a strenuous regime result in poor blood circulation in the feet. Sometimes there is evident swelling and bruising that affects the mobility of the foot. This often happens due to extreme stress on the feet. It usually gets better through regular massages. However, that is not an option to retain overall wellness.The cushiony make of yoga sandals in this case provides comfort and ease to your feet. But do not confuse the soft sole for its durability.  This does not put a strain on your feet. Instead, it provides added relaxation to your feet; relieving your feet from uncalled for stressed and sore feet.
  1. Increased Foot Strength
    The intrinsic foot muscles help stabilize foot mobility. Yoga sandals are designed in a specific way that supports the medial longitudinal arch, stability, agility, shock absorption, and flexibility. Wearing yoga sandals every day helps you strengthen the foot muscles and bones.Increased foot strength ensures lesser chances of developing health conditions related to joints, ankles, and knees. Other than that, it balances lower body posture. Strong feet act as a solid foundation for your body. some of the most common injuries like lower back stiffness, knee and ankle pain, inflamed joints, and tight hip flexors happen due to weak feet. These ailments can be easily avoided through strong feet.
  1. Excellent Performance
    Doing yoga using yoga sandals seems rare but so is supporting your arches and joints while performing asanas. Now, it might sound strange but foot muscles may or may not stretch while doing yoga with bare feet. These yoga sandals are not clunky, tight, or uncomfortable. It will help you do yoga with ease and prevent pain and other forms of physical discomfort in the feet.Your feet get postured in a natural way in the sandals. This way your feet are in their best position while performing yoga. If yoga sandals are worn throughout the day, you only improve their condition. The true benefits of yoga are felt only when it is done correctly. With yoga sandals, you can execute each yoga pose perfectly. Each step of the asana is performed correctly.  With such accuracy, you get the best results from Yoga.

    Also, Yoga is mostly done in natural environments so doing it barefoot might not suit you. It would do more harm than good. Yoga sandals help you perform yoga perfectly regardless of the location.


It is time to look beyond the traditional stereotypes. Yoga is supposed to relax and strengthen your body. If at any point you feel, your feet are killing you; it is time to switch to Yoga sandals. Strain, pain, and swelling in the feet should not be taken lightly. Make the right choice before these indications potentially turn into life-threatening health conditions.  With Yoga sandals, you can reverse some of the most common chronic pains due to misalignment and strain. Strictly from a wellness stance, you should give yoga sandals a try to know the difference.

Make the proactive decision today and take care of your wellness by improving the strength of your feet. Yoga sandals are here to save the day for eternity!

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Arun Gupta