Best Yoga Shorts for Men: Top 6 Brands Reviewed

“Yoga can ensure numerous benefits, from increased flexibility to better balance and improved blood circulation.

However, some men might be reluctant to start doing yoga because they don’t want to expose their bodies in tight-fitting clothes or experience sheer discomfort caused by spandex shorts or yoga pants.

That’s why choosing the right yoga shorts can make the difference.

Here I have reviewed the top six brands of yoga shorts for men that you should consider when looking for this type of garment.”


No wonder why Lululemon tops the list of the best yoga shorts for men. When it comes to yoga wear, many people look no further than this American Canadian fitness clothing brand. 

The men’s yoga shorts by Lululemon are functional, fashionable, and amazingly comfortable. They are backed by anti-sweat technologies and breathable fabrics.

As far as your hot yoga class is concerned, their shorts come with quick-drying liners to keep you comfortable and dry. As an added bonus, these shorts have flat seams for minimal “rubbing with the skin” and zippered pockets. Go ahead with your Lululemon yoga shorts!

Alo Yoga:

Alo Yoga is a dedicated yoga outfit brand at its core.

Their yoga shorts are available in plenty of color and style options. With that ultimate stretch and moisture-wicking abilities, a pair of yoga shorts by Alo can be your best bet. These shorts also come with a back pocket so that you can carry a mobile phone or credit card to your yoga classes.

But don’t keep Alo yoga shorts reserved for yoga classes only.

You can wear them for rock climbing, biking, hiking, and other intense physical activity, thanks to the ultimate stretch they have. My personal favorite from their yoga men’s short lineup is Alo Yoga 2-in-1 shorts, Alo Yoga Drop Crotch Shorts, and Alo Yoga Plow Board Shorts.

Rhone :

Rhone has come a long way to become an established men’s activewear brand, thanks to the high-quality engineering and fabrics used in their line of activewear.

The company ensures that their yoga outfits for men are there to promote versatility and stretching, as claimed on their official website.

 Rhone’s yoga shorts are not only flexible and soft but also easy to dry quickly. And icing over the cake is that they are available in multiple colors. They perform as great as they look.

Prana Mojo Short:

Prana (styled as PrAna) is known for offering high-quality men’s yoga shorts that ensure the total motion and flexibility required for even the most challenging yoga postures.

Made from a quick-drying fabric, these yoga shorts generally come with mesh pockets, an elastic band, and, above all, a lifetime guarantee.

They are some of the high-quality yoga shorts on the market and resist normal wear and tear. Apart from your yoga practices, you can use these shots for other high intense physical activities like climbing.

However, unlike most yoga shorts, they don’t come with a drawstring, meaning that it could bother you if the elastic ever wears out. But the good thing is that there is a lifetime guarantee for that.

Out and out, Pana Mojo yoga shorts for men are durable, functional, and simple.


Let’s accept it. Many of us are tired of the same boring active wear.

Enter Vouri.

Vouri is one of the popular apparel brands that originally left a mark in the activewear industry with its shorts. Joe Kudla, the founder of the brand, experienced frustration after finding out that there is no specific yoga wear for men on the market. As a result, Vuori was born.   

This California-based brand is known for its super stylish range of yoga outfits being available in a range of colors and patterns. Trust me; you will look stand out in your yoga class. 

And the performance of these yoga shorts is equally amazing.

What’s really impressive about Vuori is that they use eco-friendly and recycled materials, meaning that they have little to no carbon footprint. So if you are an environmentally-conscious yogi, this is a great reason to go for Vuroi yoga shorts.

Yoga Crow:

Yoga Crow is another reliable brand when it comes to choosing yoga outfits. Empowered by a four-way stretch technique, these shorts are loved by the yogis for flexibility and comfort throughout the practice.

Besides, they are non-abrasive and secure so that you can focus on your yoga poses, not your modesty. Yoga shorts by Yoga Crow are available in various stunning colors.

Yoga Crow yoga shorts are so comfortable that you can wear them outside of your yoga or workouts.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing Yoga Shorts?

Hope you like this rundown of the best men’s yoga shorts brands. But if you are looking for yoga shorts other than those listed here, make sure to keep the following things in mind:


Prefer the yoga shorts made from flexible materials that can also wick sweat. Men are likely to sweat during a workout. That’s why make sure to choose the one that can keep sweat away from the skin or dry fast. Nylon and polyester can do this job better than other fabrics.


The material should be able to handle a normal abrasion. That’s why many athletic brands choose nylon for their outfits.


Like gym outfits, yoga outfits come invarious colors and shapes. However, make sure to choose the right length to avoid accidental slip-ups in certain yoga poses.

Wrapping Up

When you’re looking for new yoga shorts, be sure to take into account your preferences, as well as your body type. If you have a skinny frame but muscular legs, consider buying a pair of men’s yoga shorts that comes with an adjustable waistband so that you can loosen or tighten them according to your shape.

Also, remember to buy a pair of men’s yoga shorts that feels comfortable and isn’t too tight or too loose, both in length and width.

After all, investing in the right yoga shorts that go well with your body type and lifestyle can impact your comfort level during your yoga session.

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