Best Balance Pads for Physical Therapy

Balance pads are crafted to provide support while you train, perform yoga poses, or focus on improving your hip and knee stability. Balance pads can be integrated into your practice and effectively improve your workout experience.

If you have never heard of or seen the balance pads, imagine a piece of foam sturdy enough to practice balancing poses. It is used to engage the muscles while putting the least strain on your joints. It helps engage your core and creates a destabilizing effect on the user. It is mostly used during warming-up sessions.

What Are the Benefits of a Balance Pad?

  • Balance pads make great workout equipment that needs support during rehabilitation workouts. This helps them work on their mobility, agility, and flexibility.
  • The mind-muscle connection is vital for recovery and maintenance. Balance pads help in developing it.
  • Balance pads work well on maintaining and improving your body posture.

What to Consider When Buying Balance Pads?


When it comes to balance pads, thickness matters a lot. The thickness of balance pads is equivalent to the stability it provides. The thicker it gets, the more stable it will be. The ideal thickness should be about 1.5 to 3 inches. Anything between these figures provide an intense workout and greater stability throughout your workout session.

Size and Shape

Single foot balance pads can be small ones. This could be in an oval or rectangle shape. Although the standard size ranges from about 20 inches x 16 inches, you can go for different sizes depending on your requirements. The cost varies from size to size. If you go for larger pads, then you can easily place both feet on the balance pads.


Balance pads come with several types of coating. The coating basically shields the inner material and therefore it should be sturdy. The coating should be durable and crack-resistant. The coating should also have a non-slip surface that provides a non-absorbent and waterproof textured surface so that you can safely perform the poses.


It all depends on how you are going to use it. Are you going to use it with a friend? Do you want to introduce it to your gym sessions? Or do you want it for a single foot only? Depending on your answer, you must decide on the quantity.


Choosing the hue for your balance pad is an important decision. Although it may seem like a pointless consideration, colors have a huge impact on your mood. Think about it, there might be some colors that you are instantly drawn to or vice versa. So, make sure to choose the right color when you buy a balance pad. You must choose a unique color that makes you want to work out. After all, it is your balance pad that initiates your workout session. It is the first step and therefore choosing the right color will have a good effect on your mind.


Always remember that good thing comes at a cost. Quality balance pads remain a great one-time investment. And therefore, do not compromise on your health and go for durable balance pads that range between $18-$35. If you wish to own a thicker or bigger balance pad, then it could also cost you more than $40.


Trust the genuine reviews by verified buyers on online platforms. These reviews help you understand the product properly and choose the best one for you.

Best Balance Pads for Physical Therapy

Fit Products Balance Pad

This one is the most durable balance pad while performing yoga, sit-ups, planks, Pilates, and martial arts. The chances of reduced back pain increase with this balance pad for physical therapy. It improves your strength and core stability while boosting your body coordination. The durable quality makes it ideal for exercise that focuses on ankles, wrist, shoulders, hips, pelvic, foot, elbows, etc.

Airex Balance Pad

This balance pad is known for its versatility as it is suitable for physical therapy, balance training exercises, stretching, Pilates, yoga, water therapy, and rehabilitation workouts. It is a popular choice because of its scratch-resistant, waterproof, non-slip, lightweight, and soft foam. It is easy to clean, carry, and store. The Airex Balance Pad comes in a variety of sizes – standard, elite, and X-Large.

ProSourceFit Exercise Balance Pad

The most comfortable choice for those reeling from an injury. This balance pad helps in strengthening your joints and ankles. It provides all the necessary features while being sturdy and lightweight. Designed using durable TPE material, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly and has a slip-resistant texture. The design makes it a comfortable alternative to a meditation pillow, seat cushion, footpath, kneepad, etc.


Vive Balance Pad

Another great choice for rehabilitation physical therapies, this one helps improve coordination and strength. This balance pad enhances the core strength of the body while providing a stable surface for your routine exercises. If you are recovering from a knee or hip surgery or a stroke, this balance pad aids your joint stability and motor skills during physical therapy.

Therapist’s Choice X-Large Balance Pad

When your focus is on improving your mobility and agility, this balance pad is the right choice for you. It helps in improving joint, knee, and ankle stability. The tear-resistant foam and the large, durable, non-slip surface enhance your training session.


It is important to invest in a balance pad but choosing the right one is the correct way to make the most of it. Make sure to consider your requirements as it helps you enhance your endurance and eliminate the risks of injuries. While all the balance pads listed are of supreme quality, they cater to your requirements differently.

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