What to Consider When Choosing the Best Non-Slip Yoga Towels

A yoga towel seems like an accessory that’s too simple to even think about—after all, what else could you possibly need on your mat?

Choosing the right yoga towel will make your practice easier and more comfortable, so it’s worth thinking about before you shop.

Yoga towels come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of attributes, so it can be tough to choose the best one.

Here are some important things to consider when shopping for the best yoga towel to meet your needs and preferences.

What Kind of Yoga Towel Do You Need?

Before purchasing a yoga towel, you need to decide what type of yoga practice you will be doing.

If you’re practicing hot vinyasa classes that require many transitions between poses, your yoga towel needs to be extra absorbent and have a good grip so it doesn’t slip around on your mat.

If you’re practicing at home or in a studio with less movement, your towel may not need as much grip or absorption, but should still provide comfort.

You also need to consider how much texture in your yoga towel is important for your practice; rougher towels can help if you want an extra grip and some resistance during the standing balances but it may irritate a sensitive skin if used in a wide variety of Asanas.

What Are the Different Types of Yoga Towels?

While there are several different types of yoga towels available for purchase, you might be surprised by just how many are there.

For example, a microfiber towel is designed specifically for yogis who are practicing in hot and humid conditions. They’re lightweight, easy to transport, and very absorbent. Another option is a fleece towel. It’s much heavier than the other options, but it also dries quickly.

It’s important to determine which type of towel will work best for your lifestyle. You should also consider your budget. Some towels can run up to $70 or higher! Choose something that fits within your budget range and you won’t regret it later on the road.

Should You Have More Than One Yoga Towel? 

As a yoga instructor, I recommend having at least two types of yoga towels for your practice.

For hot yoga and/or Ashtanga classes, it’s good to have a large towel that you can spread across your mat or towel. It adds traction and protects you from slipping during sweaty practices. Also, if you like using props in your practice, they’re great to keep nearby.

You can use them under the elbows when practicing the forearm stands, under knees for headstands, around ankles for wide-legged forward bends—the list goes on! Having a few that you don’t mind getting sweaty makes it easy to fold up and bring them along with you wherever you go.

Which Yoga Towel Brand to Prefer?

Look for a yoga towel that is well-made and comes from a brand that you trust. You should invest in an expensive towel if it will last longer, even if it costs more initially.

An investment in a quality yoga towel is worth your money since it lasts for years and provide a superior grip during your practice. Try Gaiam, Manduka, or Lululemon or the brands with great reputations in both performance and longevity.

If you can’t get any of these brands in the stores near you, try getting the towels from Amazon or another online retailer with free shipping.

Here, I reviewed some best yoga towel brands for your convenience.

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

Many yogis prefer the Yogitoes Manduka Yoga towel, thanks to its compatibility with all types of yoga classes, from Vinyasa to hot yoga. The mat has non-slip technology and 100% silicone nubs to keep it in place while you perform yoga. Moreover, it dries quickly even after being drenched in your sweat.

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat Towel

If you are looking for a budgetary option in yoga towels, look no further than the yoga mat towel by Amazon. Although it is affordable, it doesn’t compromise with the quality as it is made of a blend of nylon and polyester which feels good. The towel comes with a dimension of 72’’ x 24’’, making it ideal for most yoga mats. It also ensures a one-year limited warranty. In a nutshell, this yoga towel is both efficient and affordable.

Lululemon The Towel

When it comes to soaking up a sweat during the hot yoga sessions or drying off after a shower, the Lululemon towel ticks all the boxes. Designed for both yoga classes and traveling, this towel comes with clean-cut edges and has a dimension of 66cmx180 cm.

Hand Towel or Mat Towel? What Do You Need?

Hand towel or mat towel?

The most common is a mat-length towel, which can be used as an actual yoga mat or just as a place to lay your hands and feet. If you choose to use it for support, make sure it’s not too heavy for your current mat—otherwise, you may end up slipping and sliding around.

You can also opt for a hand towel, which has all of its lengths on one side and is best used when lying down in the Child’s Pose or Cobra pose. Hand towels are extremely light (and small) so you don’t have to worry about losing control during the balance poses or being uncomfortable in any position.

Choosing between hand towel or mat towel depends on the practice you do.

For example, if you practice Ashtanga Vinyasa, a heavier towel might work better than a lighter one since each time you go into the downward dog or standing forward fold, your entire body weight comes crashing down onto that part of your body. If that sounds like something that would leave you with bruises and pain, stick with a mat-length towel. Otherwise, stick with what feels comfortable for your practice style.


The most important thing when choosing a yoga towel is being comfortable in your practice. If you’re happy and feeling good, then you’ll be more likely to continue practicing.

Be picky with your yoga towels because what makes you feel great during one class may not be right for your next class. Make sure to change it up every few months until you find that perfect fit.

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