How to Choose Modest Yoga Outfits?

“Yoga is a calming and serene activity that can be very beneficial for both the body and mind. Though it is often seen as a “relaxing” exercise, yoga can be physically demanding. This is why choosing an outfit that is comfortable and won’t distract you from your practice is essential. Checking your outfit again and again is not what you want to do while trying to perfect your downward dog! So, what to look for while purchasing a modest yoga outfit? This article will shed some light on the rules of modest clothing to help you choose the proper attire for your next yoga class.”

Things to Consider While Shopping for Modest Yoga Outfits

Choosing the right modest yoga outfit can be a tricky task. There are a bunch of clothing choices out there. Due to this, it can get challenging to know which one will fit your requirements the best. However, there are a few things that you can keep in mind that will assist you in making a perfect choice.

Take Comfort Into Consideration

Your comfort should be the first thing you should take into account when deciding on a modest yoga outfit. Don’t compare your yoga clothing to some fashion-forward runway look. Instead, focus on finding an outfit in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. Yoga is meant to be a calming and relaxing activity, so your clothing should reflect that.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing modest yoga outfits is the fabric. You want to choose a breathable material that won’t make you too hot while you’re practicing. This is really vital if you sweat profusely during your yoga class. Look for cotton or linen that will help you stay comfortable and breezy. We would suggest avoiding synthetic materials as they might make you feel itchy after a while.

You can Wear Loose Clothes

Before the introduction of the new age of activewear, people used to wear loose clothes that felt light on their skin while maintaining their modesty. The critical factor is that you should have the freedom to move around without being constricted by your clothes. Until and unless your clothes don’t get caught up, you can wear whatever you feel like.

Modest Yoga Clothing Options

Now that we are aware of what you should look for while shopping for modest yoga outfits, below are some examples of clothing that would be perfect for your next yoga class.

Full Sleeves Top

If you are not comfortable wearing tank tops, a mono-color or a printed full-sleeve top would be ideal. You can wear dry-fit tops in dark colors, so your sweat doesn’t show. Wearing a sports bra under your top is definitely an excellent idea, as this will give you extra support and coverage.

Zip up Sweatshirts

This is another excellent option for those not planning to show skin. A zip-up sweatshirt can be quickly taken on and off, which is perfect if you tend to get hot while practicing yoga. Additionally, it can be easily layered over a sports bra or tank top.

A zip-up sweatshirt is a perfect option for you in the following situations. You practice yoga in the wee hours of the morning, live in a cold place, have air conditioning at low temperatures, or practice slow-moving yoga-like yin yoga. The environment can get cold during all these situations, so it is best to be prepared with a zip-up sweatshirt.

Short Kurtis

Yes, you can wear a Kurti to your yoga class! A Kurti is a loose-fitting tunic that Indian women typically wear. They are usually made from breathable fabrics like cotton, which makes them perfect for yoga. Also, cotton is a very absorbent fabric that will help keep you cool and comfortable during your yoga session. It is also a very non-irritant fabric, so this is a great choice if you have sensitive skin. You don’t have to be scared of fabric burn or feeling uncomfortable while wearing a Kurti.

Additionally, they are available in various different lengths, so you can choose the one you like. Choose a mid-length Kurti such that even if you raise your hands to do the tree pose, your Kurti will still cover your abdomen. The best part? These come in beautiful colors and prints, so you can show your style while still being modest.


Wearing pants for yoga is always a good idea as they offer more coverage than leggings or shorts. They don’t hug your body, yet they don’t restrict your movement either. You can choose from various different pants like yoga pants, harem pants, palazzo pants, etc.

Knee-length Leggings or Capri Pants

If you are not comfortable showing your legs yet don’t want to wear loose yoga pants, capri pants or knee-length leggings are a good option. These will cover your legs yet won’t make you too hot while practicing yoga. Polyester, cotton, and nylon are some of the popular choices available.

To add extra support and coverage, buy high-waisted capri pants. In this way, you get additional coverage, and your pants will stay in place while you move around. Also, if you are worried about showing your stomach while stretching, high-waist has literally got you covered.

Yoga Socks

Although many people might not consider socks an essential part of modest yoga clothing, they are. Wearing socks while practicing yoga has a number of benefits. First of all, they help keep your feet warm, which is crucial if you are practicing in a cold environment. Secondly, they provide traction so that you don’t slip while doing yoga poses that require balance. Thirdly, they absorb sweat, so your feet don’t slip on the mat. And lastly, they protect your feet from any kind of injury.

In the End

Modest yoga clothing is not just about covering your body but also about being comfortable and feeling good in what you are wearing. So focus less on what everyone is wearing in your yoga class; instead, focus on what makes you feel good. Experiment with different kinds of clothing and find the ones that work best for you. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! After all, yoga is all about finding inner peace and happiness.

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