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“There is something about candles. They make beautiful home accessories, but who knew they bring joy and happiness to you as well? Aside from creating a beautiful home environment, candles help you relax and unwind. But there is a lot more to this statement. Candles heal the soul, mind, and body. How? Credits go to Chakra Candles. These candles help a great deal by eliminating energetic blockages. It helps align the chakra system.”

How do Chakra Candles Help?

Chakra candles are specially crafted to focus on Chakra healing. They are designed to help you in energy healing activities like yoga, aromatherapy healing, and meditation. Chakra candles work through colors that are associated with each chakra. You envision the color of the chakra infusing into your life. This further releases an energetic force that eliminates blocked toxins.

Apart from colors, chakra candles also come equipped with crystals associated with the chakra. This helps in revitalizing the debilitated energies of the body. Aside from that, the specific healing power of the gemstone also stimulates the chakra power.

Are Scented Candles the Same as Chakra Candles?

All scented candles are not chakra candles, but most chakra candles are made with fragrant herbs and essential oils to upscale the quality of the chakra candle. Specific scents are associated with each chakra. Take a look at the best chakra candle sets-

    The root chakra symbolizes vitality, and nature is earthy. Red governs the root chakra and represents stability, security, and safety. A red candle that gives away a grounding scent like Amber Aura by Vellabox. The top notes of the rich, powerful essence of oakmoss influence the fragrance profile. There is a slight, lingering aroma of vanilla that is actually a fusion of Tonka and amber with a hint of woody notes.
    The sacral chakra caters to our emotions. It relates to our creativity levels apart from representing our sexuality and sensuality. The energy centers right in the lower abdomen, and its nature are associated with the water element. Energizing and Revitalizing orange governs this chakra. These invigorating scents of clove and sweet orange of Cinnamon Orange Clove Essential Candle by Fontana Candle Company support mental clarity and radiate creativity and sensuality.
    The Solar Plexus Chakra represents the inner core of our personalities. It relates to our enthusiasm, confidence, ego, hope, and wisdom. This energy centers itself deep in the stomach. The energy is represented by the ever-shining yellow, bright like the sun. And rightly so, it affects your courage, self-esteem, motivation, and determination. The spicy, smoky, and sweet scents of Sandalwood Myrrh by Blomus helps in elevating your confidence.
    The root chakra symbolizes compassion, and nature is an air element. It represents unconditional love, empathy, joy, gratitude, and forgiveness. This energy centers in our hearts and is governed by the color green. Your balanced heart chakra manifests true love and healing. If it goes out of balance, then it reflects in the form of detachment, stress, and insecurity. To balance these feelings of joy and love, use Geranium + Rose by Slow North. This vegan chakra candle opens your heart chakra and brings you eternal happiness.
    Our throat chakra represents our power to express ourselves. It represents communication skills and the ability to voice your ideas, opinions, and concerns. If you find it difficult to explain your feelings, then it is an indication that your throat chakra is out of balance. The color of this energy is blue, and it centers itself in the throat. The uplifting and awakening scent of Rosemary Sage and Mint Eucalyptus Candle by Soul Flar gives you the confidence to express your thoughts.
    The third eye chakra symbolizes your intuitive abilities. The energy centers between your eyes. It blesses you with a strong gut instinct, insight, and imagination. The color indigo rules the third eye chakra and helps you in spiritual evolution. It connects your physical exterior to your spiritual self. With the power of the third eye chakra, you gain access to the spiritual realms and improve your intuitive abilities. The uplifting scent of Full Moon Soy Candle by Wicked Obscura aids in a calm mind.
    The crown chakra symbolizes healing through spirituality. The energy is represented by the color purple. The energy centers on the top of your head. It represents the higher state of consciousness, spiritual connection, and wisdom. When you no longer think spiritually and your mind disregards pious sacred thoughts, then your crown chakra is blocked. To balance and tap into your subconscious, and elevate your spiritual energies, Vetiver Candle by Elizabeth W helps you focus on your wise thoughts and consciousness.

How to Use a Chakra Candle?

A chakra candle is all the more beneficial when using it during reiki sessions, massages, yoga, and aromatherapy healing sessions. But to get the most out of it, it would be best to use it during energy healing and meditation sessions. Here, the Chakra candle should be used as the focal point. It is how you will reap the benefits of it.

In most cases, one does not feel wholly immersed in a meditation session. The reason behind it is that it is common for a chakra or more to remain out of balance. This happens due to a stressful situation or a traumatic experience. So, when you meditate, use the chakra candle you require the most in life. Think about it, if you have been through an emotionally challenging situation in your life, then meditating with a heart chakra candle will be useful for you.

And if your chakra candle is scented, then you could also switch your focus to its scent. This way, the fragrance helps you through aromatherapy healing while you meditate.


Embrace yourself in the colors of the Chakra system through the best chakra candle set listed above. These beautiful, warm energy healing tools heal and balance you from within while relaxing the body. Try chakra candles to believe in the power of these beautiful sources of energy.

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