What Guys Should Wear to Yoga Classes?

“Did you know that over 70% of yoga practitioners are women?

This might be the key reason why the yoga apparel industry is more focused on the female audience. The market has every sort of stylish women’s yoga clothes to offer. 

But what about the guys? 

Unlike women, men find it confusing and challenging to find the right yoga attire. 

No wonder why it is common to see the guys doing yoga in their gym or lounge clothes. But those old gym t-shirts or shorts cannot quite fit the bill in all cases. 

This is simply because many yoga moves cause twisting, stretching, inverting, and sweating. You can easily lose focus by holding your baggy trousers or adjusting your tee in a bridge pose during a balancing pose. Or doing headstands in loose shorts can lead to accidental exposure. 

When gym outfits or those jogging shorts fail to keep you covered and comfortable, it is important to look for some quality yoga apparel. 

Go for something breathable, light, flexible, and can absorb sweat properly. Still confused? Fret not! 

After consulting some male yoga practioner friends, I have come up with this guide on yoga outfits for men and how to choose the right one. Let’s get started!” 

What Men can Wear to Their Yoga Classes


Shorts not only keep you cool but ensure flexibility, thanks to their shorter length and minimal fabric. However, most yoga poses involve a lot of bending and twisting, so you should look for extra support, and above all, you should avoid any slip-ups or exposure. So choose the men’s shorts that are tight-fitting to keep you covered up in comfort and support or come with an underlayer or lining to protect you. 


As with most athletic outfits, I prefer lightweight, moisture-wicking material. While the 80/20 ratio of cotton/spandex is ideal, avoid pure spandex pants (think those 90’s aerobic videos) as they can be too slippery. 

If your yoga pants come with a tie waist, the cord shouldn’t be too low, or it might trip you up, distract or dangle. You can also invest in yoga pants with pockets to keep your belongings handy. But make sure to keep your keys in the changing room or beside the mat; otherwise, it can cause sheer discomfort when you need to lie on the floor. 

Whether you buy yoga shorts, leggings or pants, the key is to opt for comfortable clothing for you and what you prefer to do your yoga in. 

But if buying $50-100 yoga pants is hurting your budget, you can opt for cheaper options like pajama pants, scrubs, sweatpants available at Target, and performance long underwear. 


When picking tops for yoga classes, go for a tight-fitting one that hugs your body. You don’t need to worry about exposing more than intended while bending or stretching. 

However, if you are not a fan of close-fitting outfits, you can choose baggier options like yoga tank tops or t-shirts. But make sure to tuck it into the pants, so they don’t fall on your face when you are doing upside-down poses like headstands. As with yoga shorts or yoga pants, an ideal yoga t-shirt for men is quick to dry and breathe. 


You are supposed to leave your footwear at the studio door, which symbolizes leaving the outside world out of the class. So you can wear socks with sole grips to minimize the risk of slipping on your mat. Sure, most yogis prefer to practice barefooted.

However, depending on if you have a common mat or your own, you can feel comfortable if you have something to cover the feet. Socks also come in handy if your feet smell awfully bad. 

Things to Look for in Your Yoga Outfits

Do They Allow Lower-Body Flexibility?

Your lower body should be able to move easily to support your yoga pose. That’s why comfortable lower-body yoga outfits are important. Your pants or shorts should be light and stretchy to allow for maximum flexibility. While cotton is a good lightweight fabric, I prefer synthetic materials if you look for outfits that can wick away your sweat better. Shorts lets you move freely, though track pants can do the trick as they are not too baggy or excessively long. 

Are They Able to Wick Away the Sweat?

You might have a spunky t-shirt for your gym, but this garment might not go well with your asana. Again, give preference to light, flexible and breathable fabrics. 

Synthetic, stretchable tees or long-sleeved shirts can let you move freely and comfortably. But avoid a hood as it can cause distractions during certain yoga postures such as Downward Facing Dog. 

Can They Provide a Decent Coverage?

Like women, men should go for comfortable yoga outfits and provide decent coverage. 

What About the Size?

Make sure to choose the right size of clothing. Too loose and baggy can distract you, while too tight can hinder your flexibility. For this, you should try the outfits before you buy. Put on a new yoga outfit and try some yoga poses to determine if it can give you the full range of movement.

Are They of the Right Quality?

Last but not least–avoid going for cheap yoga clothes. Instead, invest in quality yoga clothes that are durable and last long. 

Over To You

I hope you have understood what to wear for your yoga classes and how to choose the right one. For maximum flexibility and peak performance, you should be better off replacing your soccer t-shirt or cargo shorts for breathable, flexible yoga outfits. 

As the number of male yoga practioner is on the rise, I am confident that men will be able to find more dedicated and stylish yoga outfits in the coming time.

About the author

Arun Gupta